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fjord is Wijdefjorden (108 km or 67 mi followed by Isfjorden (107 km or 66 mi Van Mijenfjorden (83 km or 52 mi Woodfjorden (64 km or 40 mi and Wahlenbergfjorden (46 km or 29 mi). Police districts were introduced in 1894, with the current structure dating from 2003. Projekt Forlg Reenactment a vda Give or take, Online Dating is only 8 Simple Steps away. October 2019 by Tomáš Vlasat.

A cabin and cottage organization owns several cabins in the countryside, available for students wishing to spend a few days away. Oppland the Upper lands Oslo disputed, maybe "the meadow beneath the ridge see History of Oslo's name Rogaland land of the Rugii, an old tribe. The name Posonium Latin derives from Hungarian. Names and Their Histories; a Handbook of Historical Geography and Topographical Nomenclature. Kaliningrad Oblast : from the Russian name Kaliningrad (Kalinin-city) of its largest city, renamed in 1946 to commemnorate Mikhail Kalinin Kazan (former Imperial Russian governorate (compare the name of the city of Kazan ) Khabarovsk Krai : the Khabarovsk region. Use meta tags or code or other devices containing any reference to the Company, the Website or the Service (or any trademark, trade name, service mark, logo or slogan of the Company) to direct any person to any other website for any purpose.

TTL was disbanded in 1900s, giving a way to a Norwegian Institute of Technology. 33 The Norwegian University of Science and Technology publishes the Nordic Journal of Science and Technology. Express or imply that any statements you make are endorsed by the Company without our specific prior written consent. 7 ntnu has long considered the possibility of bringing the activity of the two largest campuses together at or near ntnu Gløshaugen campus. Gibraltar : A corruption of the Arabic words Jebel Tariq ( ) which means "Tariq's Mountain named after Tariq ibn Ziyad, a Berber who landed at Gibraltar in 711 to launch the Islamic invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. Savoy of unknown origin, but dating to the days of the Kingdom of Burgundy Territories edit Clipperton Island, a territory: From the French Île de Clipperton, for the English mutineer and pirate John Clipperton who hid there in 1705.

Hamburg : from the 9th-century name Hammaburg, where Hamma has multiple conflicting interpretations, but burg means "castle". Länemaa : from Estonian läne "western meaning "western land". Universities with biggest corporate links. 1 ntnu Teaching Excellence edit In 2015, ntnu established an initiative called ntnu Teaching Excellence. From time to time, the Company may make third party opinions, advice, statements, offers, or other third party information or content available on the Website and/or through the Service. The tramway was launched in 1908 and remained in operation until 1974. Holland (part of the Netherlands; but the term often refers to the country as a whole Germanic "holt (i.e. Modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decipher, decompile or otherwise disassemble any portion of the Service or the Website or any software used on or for the Service or the Website, or cause others to. Possibly related to the Welsh caled hard "tough.

If you cancel, will return, within ten days of the date on which you give notice of cancellation, any payments you have made. Palmyra Atoll, a territory: Named after the boat Palmyra, which belonged to the American Captain Sawle. Another theory suggests *kaste-lan as the Iberian name, later Latinized as castellani (an Iberian tribe in northern Catalonia according to Ptolemy then the name would have evolved into *catellani *catelans *Catalans. In doing so, YOU give UP your right TO GO TO court to assert or defend any claims between you and the Company (except for matters that may be taken to small-claims court). 34 Ranking edit According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings published in March 2017, ntnu is ranked 1st in the world ranking of universities with the biggest corporate links, due to its research collaboration with sintef. Plva : from Estonian plv "knee". Abel Tasman National Park bears a fuller version of his name. Jarvis Island, a territory: Bestowed by the British Captain Brown in honor of Edward, Thomas, and William Jarvis, the owners of his vessel the Eliza Francis.

Belgium edit Regions edit Brussels, Dutch Brussel, French Bruxelles (the capital city, outside any province; also Belgium's third region medieval Dutch broek 'bog' zele (in many place names in the Low Countries"habitation using thatching Flanders, Dutch Vlaanderen, French. Cartier 6, christmas Island : bestowed by Captain, william Mynors of the British, east India Company for its discovery on Christmas Day, 25 December 1643. "Centres for Research-based Innovation (CRI. King-in-Council in 1996 by the merger of the former University of Trondheim and other university-level institutions, with roots dating back to 1760, and has later also incorporated some former university colleges. If we feel that your behavior towards any of our customer care representatives or other employees is at any time threatening or offensive, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your membership and you will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees. Edit University of Trondheim (UNiT) was established in 1968, and in Department of Medicine (later the Faculty of Medicine) established as part of UNiT in 1974. The city of Khabarovsk took its name from the explorer Yerofey Khabarov Leningrad Oblast : from the city ( Saint Petersburg formerly known as Leningrad (Russian for Lenin -city) Nizhniy Novgorod : Russian: literally "lower Novgorod for "lower. He sought shelter on the atoll on 7 November 1802, and became the first person known to land. A fantastic method to start out looking for gay listings and to look at a complete. You agree that your account will be subject to automatic renewal, unless otherwise cancelled by you.


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62 Chernihiv Oblast : from the city Chernihiv Chernivtsi Oblast : from the city Chernivtsi Crimea : from the Crimean Tatar name: Qrm Dnipropetrovsk Oblast : from the city Dnipropetrovsk (renamed in 1926 after Dnipro ( Dnieper river. 50 51 Bozan could result from a ruling of the Bratislava Castle from the eleventh century. Bassas da India, part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Cartographic errors misspelling original name Portuguese Baixo da Judia Jewess Shoal from the name of a Portuguese ship that ran aground on the reef. If you cancel a subscription, you will enjoy subscription benefits until the end of your then-current subscription commitment, following which your subscription benefits will expire. Mills, William James (2003).

French Guiana, a territory: See France and Guiana at List of country-name etymologies. Levin : from a director of the railway company that established the town to help boost its railway Niue, a territory: Niu probably means "coconut and é means "behold". Please print a copy of this Agreement for your records. Dating websites ) before the end of your subscription period, you shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your disability. 50 At the end of the Middle Ages, the name took its final German form Pressburg : Slovak of Prešporok derived from this.

In parallel examples, Hungarian -ely becomes -ei in Romanian. Košice : The first written mention of the city as "villa Cassa" dates from 1230. Janota, Bratislavské rarity, page 152; "Historical calendar". The encyclopedic atlas of wine: a comprehensive guide to the world's greatest wines and wineries. 78 Guam, a territory: From the native Chamorro word guahan, meaning "we have".

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The research activities are carried out in collaboration with sintef. Hesse : after the tribe of the Chatti Lower Saxony (German Niedersachsen after the tribe of the Saxons. Another suggestion derives Cantabria from the Celtic Kant mountain" or "rock and Iber (the river Ebro thus "The Mountains of the Ebro". 46 The native term, Noxçi, comes from nexça (sheep cheese nox (plow) or from the prophet Noah ( Nox in Chechen). In addition to the preceding paragraph and other provisions of this Agreement, any advice that may be posted on the Website or through the Service is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for.

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"Research Council of Norway. "Peaceful Badge actually abbreviates Anqing Huizhou Beijing ( ) "Northern Capital" Chongqing ( ) "Doubled Celebration" Fujian ( ) lit. Trnava : The name of the online dating germany nord trøndelag city derives from the Slovak word tnie thornbush which characterized the river banks in the region. In April 2013, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (nina) moved into a new building south of the Natural Science building. The name of Bengkulu itself comes from the Malay word bangkai meaning "corpse and hulu meaning "river-source"it refers to the story that in the past the area near the source of the river Bengkulu had often served as a battlefieldtribes.