Lingam erotic massage tantra norway

lingam erotic massage tantra norway

Lingam massage spa Ski the Hindu god Shiva, which happens to be phallic in shape. You can understand why it has come to mean penis to so many people. Lingam massage spa Ski Tantra /Tantric, massage, oslo Russian Dating Site Oslo Started by annifleur, escort, couples massage and 8 more. Tantric massage, erotic massage, sensual massage in Oslo for men, couple and women.

Tantra-lila is sanskrit, and means literally Playful Tantra a term we made up (yes, we googled it) and this short workshop is a dynamic introduction to our version of tantra. The idea is that your body is not only a temple but also a playground! In the same way you can use just the right amount of controlled pain to administer phenomenal pleasure, stimulating endorphines rather than adrenaline into the system. We also focus very much on how to receive, rather than the techniques on how to give (which of course are also important how to be more present in the moment, with movement, breath, sound, energy flow in the body. Expect erotic exercises with breath, energy and touch. The workshop is filled with playfulness, laughter and fun, and the goal is to play with beauty and ugliness, vulnerability, truth, masks and roles in order to find the innermost source of life within each person. Becoming more aware of your breathing can expand the quality of life in all areas.

Creating rituals and ceremonies are what we do, whenever we want to celebrate something as particularly important. We focus on healing, expanding sexual energy into the whole body, honouring and dignifying the genitals as beautiful and wonderful sources of pleasure, healing and new life. We invite both singles and couples, people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and other variations. Everyone knows good pain, pleasurable sensation, like when you get a deep massage on particularly tender muscles, or when your partner bites your shoulders and neck, gently. An effective introduction to ecstatic breathing techniques and energy circulation. Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder The Magic Room Creating a Love Ritual Create your own ceremonial space for Deeper Love Humans are ceremonial animals. This is very much about expanding our definition of orgasm.

A breath and energy orgasm doesnt feel like a genital orgasm. We divide the workshop into two major parts the first part is very still, very meditative and ceremonial, facilitated by us, with a focus on intense presence and deep experience. Rather than focusing on technique, I want to inspire on how to use the light (natural or studio equipment how to choose background (indoors or outdoors, how to relate to your model, to make him/her/them to feel comfortable and. Become aware of your inner energy flow experience the Kundalini energy bubble throughout the body! We call it Kundalini Spanking, because we combine classical bdsm with a tantric attitude. There are some body parts that are always left out. Our most popular weekend workshop, which we have had more than 90 times since we started our teaching business back in 2004, with more than a 1000 participants over the years, is our basic love workshop for couples Gudomlig Njutning (Divine Pleasure).

This short festival workshop is designed for lovers who want a taste of what a couples workshop can be, and how to achieve an even better relationship. Its not only about sexual satisfaction or orgasm although that is perfectly.K., too. And tantra is way more shamanistic than most people know, having its origins in very old animistic cultures, and the goals and techniques are very much overlapping. Different ways of establishing and communicating boundries Its hard to communicate your boundries, when you are not clear on where they are. As soon as you raise a glass to toast for something, you transform the drinking into a ceremony, making whatever you toast for particularly important at least at that very moment. Some physical nudity will be required for this workshop, but you set your own boundries, and communicate that with your partner. Teachers, workshop leaders: Calle (or Calle Jennie) Rehbinder Sensual Yoni/Lingam Massage Experience deep healing, intense pleasure and freedom, through sensual massage of your genitalia When we get a full-body massage at a massage parlour, we never really get a full-body massage. Calle is a professional illlustrator artist/painter, and started painting on bodies in 1991, something that grew into a business, creating body art for advertising, photographic art, competitions, events and more. Its practical to have flexible and durable clothes we will move around a lot.

This usually results in a large group of people dancing naked and bodypainted to beautiful dance music. We claim its the other way around. Generally, when we talk about orgasm, we think of genital stimulation until the pelvic muscles goes into rhythmic movement, maybe combined with ejaculation. Can you express what you want? The shamanic work fits our concept of wholeness and it pervades everything. This is all good, and just fine, but we want to show a much broader range of ecstatic, orgasmic flow, and one available technique is this particular kind of breath and energy orgasm. Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder Creative Explosion! Playfulness is NOT the opposite of seriousness. I make it simple. Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder, tantric Oil Gliding Ceremony, become a unicellular organism, a primitive life form, glide around in warm oil with other primitive beings.


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One focus in Tantra is about expanding your consciousness, and one method is by tearing loose from old and limiting thought and action patterns, ideas on whats right and wrong, as well as feelings of shame, guilt and unnecessary fears that rule. Workshop leaders: Calle Rehbinder Sofia Rå Lingam Puja Selflove for Men Many men experience sexual problems premature ejaculation, erection stress, performance anxiety and lack of real, deep pleasure and intimacy. Be the canvas and the artist! We play with breath, sound, movement and energy, as well as solo sex techniques and at the same stor rumpe ass til munn stille time, the insight that technique isnt all attitude is more important. Get rid of shame, love yourself, and learn some truly enjoyable and empowering disciplines! Teacher, workshop leader: Calle Rehbinder. You simply utilize other body functions.

Lingam Erotic Massage Tantra Norway

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Oslo thai massasje erotisk kontakt Shamanatrix, Mystic, Holistic Wellness Practitioner Spiritual Wellness Guide (Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Relationship Coach, Artist (DJ Erotic Performer Black Queer Scholar-Activist, Higher Education and Career Consultant. There is also a need for time afterwards, up to one hour, to clear and clean up the room. M, including all webpages, links and images, displays sexually explicit material. By entering m you agree that: you are an adult in your community and are at least 18 years old (21 in some countries) you agree with terms and conditions you agree that sexually explicit material. Short workshops for festivals and other events.
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You dont even need to stimulate your genitals to get this kind of orgasm, and you dont need to be naked. This technique can immediately give a strong effect on your sex life but not just there. This is a chance for you to feel how it is to model for nude and erotic pictures. All the taboos and limitations that demand of us to be beautiful, pleasing and attractive. Through the years we have been teaching at several festivals, such as the, sexsibility Festival (Skeppsudden, Norrköping Ängsbacka, Molkom, every year from 2009, still going on No Mind Festival (Ängsbacka, Molkom, 2006 2012 Touch Play (Berlin 2010 Livslust Festival (Stockholm. Shamanic Drum Journey Travel deep within, into your subconscious, find your inner guide, and learn new things about your self Calle has held organized shamanic drum journeys since the mid-1990s, with thousands of participants over the years.

So we made our own version of it, introduced it on a Swedish festival the same year, and it was a total hit. What orientation you have is irrelevant, as long as you show up with your partner(s). Calle has decades of ceremonial experience, having designed and officiated at least 30 pagan weddings, as well as namegiving ceremonies, funerals, opening ceremonies and many, many more, such as a large amount of erotic ceremonies, and loves to inspire. Explore how you can feel sexual flow between you and be more loving and intimate at the same time. Paint on bodies, and be painted! Have a taste of a playful and easy-going, but still deep, intense and empowering path to personal development and growth, on all levels. On top of that is the whole subject of shame.

How to be more preceptive and responsive for both your own and others boundries. We can have womens circles, as well as mens circles. The Witch Goddess Sacred Wellness coheres around education, divination, and healing through the stars, the word, music, sacred sexuality, and spirit. It is then up to each person to make a deal with me where, when and how these pictures can be used. What kind of relationship you have, or what sexual orientation, is absolutely irrelevant the only thing required is that you couple with someone who is ready to play with you.

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