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conclusive against this supposition. Mor« examplee might be produced; but It le the ordinary, not the extnordinaiy, luricai, that deeerre the notice of tlie pbi;ow pber. 305390 and GUnnone (iMorift Civile di Nnpoll, tom. Great was the increase, and rapid the progress, during the two hundred lan of the crusades ; and some philosophers have applauded the propitious _flueiice of these holy wars, which appear tome to have checked rather than forwatded. For the goTemmem of Cknetantinople, aee ruraiHr.

Places Attalus on the Imperial throne, 958. Let that brother confess his guilt, and implore for giveness, and we ourselves will intercede, that he may be permitted to live in affluence and security. Digitized by Google 93 the villainy of the one, and the lust of the other: he is called 'the black prince of Devils dying, he exclaims: -r- "Devils, come daim your right, and when I Oonfin'd within. A people of gods and heroes, the workman- ship of art, was reduced to one equestrian figure of gilt brass, and to five marble statues, of which the most conspicuous were the two horses of Phidias and Praxiteles. I In a pamphlet, falsely fathered upon Henri Estienne Catherine de' Medici is accused of liaving brought Nachia- yelli's works to France. Their countries did not abound either in gold or silver; nor were their rustic hamlets and townships enrichedby commerce, or decorated by the artsof luxury.

(1680) Jsk 1580, he mentioned HachiavelM as a writer of co- I bessseh jm «11 thii while, what news at Canridge, TnUy and Dftnosthenet nothing so much studied as tbey were wont. (IS) la the provlncea to the eouth of the Loire, tlm fliai Capkian* were aearealy allowad a. Philip the First, of Ffttnce, supported with patience the censures which he had provoked by his scan- dalous life and adulterous marriage. And they wept, and I wept also ; and the hour of prayer was arrived, and we prayed. Biatory be fVequeatly caebralei thii repubHe, which wae wppnama.D. Hassan and his twelve companions had reached the summit; the iant was precipi- tated from the rampart ; he rose on one kne and was agam oppressed by a shower of darts and stones. YiUehaidculn takea no uotkm of theie common Inddenta. To admire or daifdw 8tBenianl, aa lie oqghL llw reader, lika Braelf, aboald teva balbra Um wtndowa of bis ttbraiy Urn b 1) OUio FrMnt.

T See a curioao anecdote of Tacbagatai, Hist, dee Mongola,. Digitized by Google index itoav. Mac- donald Kinneir in Asia Minor throws con- siderable light on the geography of this march of the crusaders. More need not be said to prove this a parody on the man with whose works Cokaine was acquainted as he liim- sell states elsewhere. His discovery of Iha holy sapnlchrr,. Hcrcynlan foresLthe extent of, unknown hi the time of Cesar,. A speculative reasoner might suppose, that theur faith had a strong and serious influence on their practice ; and that the soldiera-of the cross, the deliverers of the holy sepulchre, prepared them* selves by a sober and virtuous life for the. After Jeru- salem had been delivered from the presence of the strangers, the sultan made his triumphant entry, his banners waving in the wind and to the harmony of martial music. DeltbenitloDe babM rapondh nontiii, m dstnrum homliiein Byrte parttbu ptum: In armls probum Lprms In bellia Mcurum, In uendi* provMam, Johannte eoonileiii Bmbmh- eoi.


Syllanna, the eoofvl, hie apeech to the emaie, le- coenmeoding the eleetloB of ihe two Gordlaoa lo their aptirohaiJon, L 101. Ccsnobii Taiesini Abbalis de Rebus gestis Regis Rogerii, lib. Altontkma this oAoe underwent under tlie emperors, and when Constantinople became the seat of emirtre,. About the middle of the last century, the Athenians chose for their protector the Kislar Aga, or chief black eunuch of the seraglio. Cauae of the didleulty In leryiiM them, 35L Bee Joviana, PalaOnca, and Frctonan banda.

I shall enumerate thehr names in the order of their age and actions.(7S). After the decease of Andronicus, while the Greeks were dis- tracted by intestme war, they could not presume to agitate a general union of the Christians. In this aame play, part I, Fiero having con- quered Genoa from Andragio, immediately seeks to destroy him and all his kinsmen, "Which 111 ponne with such a burning ehaae, Till I hftve dried np Andnigio'a Uood » 1,. This was a Tartar city mentioned by the Mo- hammedan writers. See the first act In Rymer's FoMlera. From the conquest of Prusa, we may date the true era of the Ottoman empire. Of the allies, Philip supplied his name, Iartin a bull of excommunication, the Venetians a squadron of forty galleys; and the formidable powers of Charles consisted of forty counts, ten thousand men at arms, a numerous body. The Mofful emperor encouraged or indulged the fury of his troops; the hope of future possessions was lost in the ardour of rapine and slaughter ; and the cause of the war exasperated their native fierceness by the pretence of justice and revenge. Two only remained to perpetuate the race, and cherish their father's age : their ten brothers, as they successively attamed the vigour of manhood, departed from the castle, passed the Alps, and Joined the Apulian camp of the Normans.

Ulplao, the lawyer, plaoed al the head of the council of itaie, under the emperor Aletander Bevprue,. The zeal of conversion was ammated 1 the interest of consanguinity; and one of the greatest of thebr princes had formed the generous, mough fruitless design, of replenishing the solitude of Pannonia by this domestic colony from the heart. Voltaire, In giving one of tbeie hfpe to Frederic III., coofoundi the emperon of tin Eaet end Wert. All without, now bore the most threatening aspect ; and all was feeble and hollow in the internal state of Jerusalem. Twenty-flve years after die death of Basil, his sdccessors were suddenly assaulted by an unknown race of Bar- barians, who united the Scythian valour with the fanaticism of new prose- Isrtes, and the art and riches of a powerful. Carus, emperor, hie eieetioa 190. 9) Sea Nicepbonw Gngorae,. Commands the Saracens at the batUe of Yermuk, 497. The men, the horses, tlxe arms, the engines, the wooden towers, covereid with raw- hides, were embarked on board one hundred and fty vessels : the transports had been built in the ports of Italy» and the galleys. Flies (Vom Blecca with him, 384.

(59) By the advice of the peidious Ra3rmond, the Christians were betrayed into a camp destitute of water: he fled on the t onset with the curses of botn nations 60) Lusisnan was overthrown with the loss. Hie too hruially killed by CtontUiiaut,378L Bit eeveral at- lenpu 00 Nbibit,. 283) ; yet be relatei lome napickMU clrcuoMtanees; and their bribeiy and eoiniption are poeillvely afllnned by the htotorhm Doeae. But Porcaro had learned from the younger Brutus, that with tjnrants no faith ot gratitude should be observed; the exile declaimed against the arbitrary sen-* tencoi; a party and. Prohibits every worship but Chat of Zoroaster, 11 Hla war with tha " - maxims, MUl I Roosans, 118. 74-M ht p 17II-J87 dM« the in7iUiiM fWw iUx a meevthM of the '. Hi ' under tba axaiabi of Ravoan, 111.

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The aatboritv ofohn Vtllanl (Gbioo. Their wanderincr life maintams the spirit and ezereiae of anna; thej fight on horaeback ; and their courage is diaiyed in frequent contests with each other and with their neigfaboura. (t) WUUamof pwUlaa, elnoDdeerateJoqulam. Sucoenrion of its Chrkdan princes 1S3l k plUaged by the Carixmians, Itt. The AbM de Bade wikM to eitenuate her cullt. Bvduitoo ia the dij, by the tif. The groundless application of the names of Phidias and Praxiteles may perhaps be excused ; but these Grecian sculptors should not have been removed above four hundred years from the age oi Pericles to that of Tiberius : they. The khans of Zagatai were extinct; the emirs aspired to independence ; and their domestic feuds could only be suspended by the conquest and tyranny of the khans of Kashgar, who, with an army of Getes or Calmuck8 ll invaded the Trans- oxian kingdom. It was announced by the biMip of Soissons, in the name of his colleagues: 'Ye hare sworn to obey the prince whom we should choose ; by our unanimous sufiVagCj Baldwin count of Flanders and Hainault, is now. They do not speak exactly the nme tlnM.

Ai Piagnoni pareva die e' fosse eretico, ai buoni disonesto, ai tristi pit tristo, o akute di Ion: ttkHA Cfmnip TodiaTa." Bniiini a TamM. Thsy were distin* (57) The ttbletle czeitltM, pantenlMlr Om eoBiim nd pMeratfim, wtrt eoadtmiNd bf Lyoiifm Phllop(Etii«n, and GHien, a lawgiver, a general, aad a Dbjskian. 10 Eoce ocnlos: Fnror ijs habitat: mannt altera saxnm; Altra ensem torqnet: toxica in ore latent. The mpfmrmn Iflbwnee bctweoi tlw IxNnbud htatorian andlfcealwwre-wiwiloaad MHiUyreeoociled by CamUlo PeNegriiio (de Poeata Baneveiitaao, dimrt. And Con- rad was unanimously hailed as the prinoe and chainpion of Tyre, which was already besieged by the conqueror of Jerusalem. A motto which was probabljr adopted by th« Powderham hranch, after the loaa of the earidom of Devonablre,.

In a warfare of twenty years, a ship, or a camp, was become their country; arms were their sole profession and property; vidour was the only virtue which they knew; their women had imbibed the fearless temper of their. This kiud of poisoning was alluded to in 'Leicester's Common- wealth" but not as Machiavelliaa. U, 4ce.) They fbtfeC to consult the most authentic record, the fourth book of Cantacuaene. Bia ieeond embaaij waa aeoompanied cam tmmfnaa mnhltudino peeu- iaram. (vaoaria, avar angafad the attenckMi of dM rapoblle of Vanka.

Extant In Hoc- einias(CeTce8u,p. The most illustrious sul- tans of the Baharite and Borgite dynasties 10d) were themselves promoted from the Tartar and Circassian bands; and the four-and-twenty beys or mili- tary chiefs, haye ever been succeeded, not by their sons, but by their servants. This mehmcholy picture was drawn above nine hundred years afCer the fall of ihe Western empire, and even of the Gotiiic kingdom of Italy. 383368 bai InveeUiaied the character and lory of Barlaam. 133 ciotB, to the' Greek emperor. The dty ftKiUled on the ellegsd sedliton of tiw oOsen of the mint nndsrAocellnn,177. The same erudite scholar notes in his "Poems of Marston " (243 "I have suggested to the biographer of the renowned Machiavelli (Professor YiUari of Florence) that an odd chapter might be written m the man that hit. Thto eztonaion of the name may be eonfinned Atnn Oonaiaij tine (de admintftrando Imperio,. Their ImpniMnt and irragular leal against Mola- lry.48. 49 Willi TlMrenoC, Toomflfort, and tlie reft of our modern travetten.

Ym, (225 also Gent, m,. To I ao K «rtlM relgniof eenperor; Doaa iwMln of OMfoqr UjtaB n btttlp t to ban nMNiDead lUi bad9 of * Digitized by Google 369 THE decline AND fall royBl and sacerdotal characten would matnally fortify each. (85) Ceciderunt tamen eA die clvlum qnaai doo mlllla. The -impostor Michael was more honourable than his Ufe. Tha vodeof tUo, li73n.

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In the last civil war of the Ottomans, the Genoese governor, Adomo, a bold and ambitious youth, embraced the pany of Amurath ; sex shop stavanger mature hd porn and undertook with seven stout galleys to transport him from Asia to Europe* The sultan. (131) In the Aral three books of Um RIttoIre dee CbevaHerade Malthe, par rAbMdeyeilo the leader may amine UoMelf with a fair, and eometlmet Satlerln picture of the order, while It waa employed tot the defeaee of Palesdne. From its foreign and domestic tyrants, the city was rescued by Charlemagne and Otho, whose ashes repose m our country ; and Uieir dominion was the price of your deliverance. (7) Instead of trembling lor their capita, the Comnenian princes waged an offensive war against the Turks, ana the first crusade prevented the fall qf the declining empire. His hours were spent in delineating the plan of the hostile city ; in dehating with his generals and engineers, on what spot he should erect his batteries ; on which side he should assault the walls.

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Other cities have been reared to maturity byaccident and time ; their beauties are mingled with disorder and deformity ; and the inhabitants, unwUlinff to remove from their natal spot, are incapable of correcting the errors of meir ances. 260.* Yon Hammer, Osm. Thiis, after forty-ihre yean, Heywood could still believe tbiB awfiil eaiicatnre a 'Boimd Hachiavir. The poor man, whose injury he had avenged, was unable to suppress his astonishment and curiosity : and the courteous monarch eondescendea to explain the motives of this singular behaviour. Sonthenie rrhe Disappointment" III. Of hr word unstable : Her eyes like BasUiskji dart puyson out. Lata aded by tha emperor Jnliaa,. 310 Renrival of the Greek Leaning lo Italy. ) Vide wite. Or tried, as princes of tbe b f77 Tbe sense of the parUaments Is thus exprasied by Tbuanus : Priaelpis nomen nuaquam In OaUia tiilHituBa, nisi Us qui matres e regibus noslrls oHglnem rnpetunt : qui nunc tantum.

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